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True luxury is enjoying life leisurely.

Ambleme is derived from the word amble which means to walk at a leisurely relaxed pace for pleasure and emblem, a distinctive representation serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept.

All around us lies a wealth of small pleasures, which - if only we paid more attention - could daily bring us solace and joy. In the pursuit of pleasure, and in limiting our possessions to the essential lies real value for a rich life. We wish to offer products not necessarily linked to seasons and trends, that effortlessly accompany the wearer through representation, leisure and discovery in the quest for happiness.

We started Ambleme because we believe in individuality over trends and in quality over quantity. We believe that fewer better things lead to a fuller richer life. At Ambleme we embrace a slower concept of living encouraging the consumer to buy less, buy quality and treasure what you have.




"A quest for authenticity, respect for time and natural resources."



Modern classic crafted to last

True quality requires veracious passion, time, dedication and know-how for understated luxury. We find that in Milan.

From the choices of materials and finishings to the assembling of every single component of each piece, we strive to ensure the utmost quality and durability to last a lifetime.


We manufacture our products in a painstaking process entirely by hand locally in Milan in a minimum of thirty steps involving an array of hand-picked artisans with precise expertise handed down from father to son, from generation to generation, using only the finest quality Italian leathers and the best textiles.



Let us take you places.

Following artisanal traditions, we have made a handcrafted packaging, creating a special experience for you while opening, your new purchase. Upon opening the box, you can submerge in our marine universe, where you can smell the scent of the sea while reading a personal hand-written note on a Georges Braque's postcard.



The Find

Turning luxury leather and fabric remnants into stunning one-of-a-kinds.

A quest for authenticity, respect for time and natural resources. The Find collection is born out of our wish to breathe life into selected luxury materials, that would have otherwise been destined to be discarded. It all began when we noticed lots of scraps and dead stock materials pilling up in our suppliers warehouses. Depending on what we find, and the available quantities, we are able to make one-of-a-kind or limited edition items. To guarantee the exclusivity, each item produced for The Find Collection, will receive a serial number indicating how many pieces were produced.