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"Sumptuous lines juxtaposed to asymmetrical flat surfaces for a most dramatic case."

Let us take you places

The perfect ultimate staple styles for a leisurely life. Iconic artisanal timeless must-haves inspired by lazy summers spent by the Mediterranean sea.

Guided by a desire for everlasting summers and dateless style, we can be found somewhere between the seaports of the Amalfi Coast and along the beaches of the French Riviera. We love to stroll around and go for adventures discovering hidden gems, lay on a sun lounger with our favourite book in one hand and an iced rosé in the other, take a dip in the sea and dance to a tune in our heads. We love the timeless poetry of handwritten postcards, photographic snapshots and local markets, where we enjoy discovering one-of-a-kind antique pieces to enrich our homes and to preserve our memories. Step back into the roaring glamour of La Dolce Vita days with a sweet nostalgia for the past and enjoy the journey through the old school tradition with its bygone flair, suggesting new tales that harmonically blend the past and the future.


Le Paloma

Named after the daughter of Pablo Picasso, this lovely refuge has offered both pristine waters and delicious food since 1948. Hidden away between the giant villas of the noveau riche, this little paradise has amazingly managed to retain its laid-back family feel. Apart from soaking up the Riviera sun there's plenty to do, ranging from spearfishing to jumping on a jet ski. Or, you could simply enjoy a divine meal on the beach. 

The Find

Turning luxury leather and fabric remnants into stunning one-of-a-kinds.

A quest for authenticity, respect for time and natural resources. The Find collection is born out of our wish to breathe life into selected luxury materials, that would have otherwise been destined to be discarded. It all began when we noticed lots of scraps and dead stock materials pilling up in our suppliers warehouses. Depending on what we find, and the available quantities, we are able to make one-of-a-kind or limited edition items. To guarantee the exclusivity, each item produced for The Find Collection, will receive a serial number indicating how many pieces were produced.